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NSCC AVC – 2 Digby Sites

The main office (245-7211) located at 151 Hwy 303, Digby NS, is shared with Digby Career Resource Centre, Backstreet Bicycles and Juniper House.

We offer a full range of campus services including bookstore, library, cashiering and proctoring. NSCC Digby Site has supervised online core programming as well as customized courses both on and off site depending on community need.

This site has 2 employees, Nina Barnaby, Learning Coordinator and Rose Taylor, Administrative Assistant Bookstore/Cashier Office.

Our computer lab, classroom and Boardroom come complete with video conferencing capabilities.

Our third employee, Linda Mae Findlay, Faculty Adult Learning Program, is located at NSCC AVC’s second Digby Site, 53 Mount Street, across from Digby Regional High School at the Digby Community Education Centre (245-7530).