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Lawrencetown (COGS*)

Formerly the College of Geographic Sciences located in Lawrencetown, COGS is one of the largest technical trainers of students in the geomatics field in Canada. Training technicians and technologists in the fields of surveying, mapping, land-use planning and related computer programming has earned the campus an international reputation. The Lawrencetown site also houses post-degree Geomatics programs in marine geomatics, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and business geographics. Advanced Diplomas in GIS for Business and Marine Geomatics have been added to server rapidly expanding employment sectors. Two COGS programs, Applied Geomatics Research and Geomatics Programming, are delivered in Middleton

As part of the NSCC - Annapolis Valley Campus, the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) provides basic and advanced training in a variety of Geomatics technologies. In order to support these programs the Centre maintains an extensive and diverse range of hardware and software. All of the computers, specialty hardware and related software used at the Centre is updated regularly and is chosen to mirror the current trends in industry... this ensures that our students' learning experience is based on standard, industry supported technologies.

The Centre currently maintains four general use labs (Windows based) as well as a variety of systems to support specific technologies from GPS data collection and processing to soft-copy photogrammetry and LIDAR data processing. Our current student to computer ratio is very close to 1 to 1 and all systems at the Centre are not only available for student use throughout the day but evenings and weekends as well. The College endeavors to provide only high quality, tier 1 equipment to our students, thus ensuring a reliable and robust learning environment.

Several of our Programs including GIS Technician, Planning and Cartography are currently using a leased laptop model where the student leases a state-of-the-art laptop to support their studies. This provides the student fulltime personalized access to the software they need not only at the Campus, but at home as well.

As many of the programs here are visual in nature, printed output is important. The Centre provides an extensive array of output devices that includes several modern, large format plotters that allow students to produce these specialized products.

Our Campus’s external connection is via a high speed fiber connection ensuring fast and reliable communications to the outside world; internally, systems communicate using a combination of wired and wireless network connections. This is all supported by a modern high capacity server core. The Centre also maintains an extensive and up-to-date application software library, our title selection is based on consultation with our industry partners thus ensuring an accurate reflection of current market trends.

* COGS refers to the students, faculty, and programs that fall under the umbrella term of Geomatics. Lawrencetown refers to the physical location of the Lawrencetown site.